Blog set up

Five years ago I had a blog. I never wrote much content on it, although I wanted to. I guess I was afraid of people’s opinions or something. But this is about to change (I hope)!

I’ve been looking into GitHub Pages and Jekyll, and I thought the time was right to get back into (or rather finally start with) blogging. As a tryout I took all the few posts I had on my old blog nad ported them here. Mainly so that I can play around with Jekyll with some real pre-existing posts. Those posts are at least 5 years old, and all written in portuguese.

If you are thinking of starting a blog using Jekyll and/or setup a page on GitHub Pages, I would suggest these basic links as a start:

  • GitHub Pages: it contains plenty of documentation to get started and setup your own blog on it.
  • GitHub Pages examples: you can browse through repositories of other people for inspiration;
  • Jekyll docs: they have an extensive documentation on how things work, and how to setup everything
  • Jekyll Now: this neat project helps you setup a blog with GitHub Pages and Jekyll in five minutes (if you wish, you don’t even have to install Jekyll at all, just fork the project, make your changes, push to GitHub, and have your page online).

By the way, the entirety of the code for this blog can be found on my GitHub page.

Published October 16, 2016