Adding currying to Java 8

One of my favorite things to ever been added to Java was the more functional-style of libraries and data structures introduced in 1.8. Java had been craving for something like that in the core language features for a while. And Java 8 came with some much needed refreshment.

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Elegant Objects (Volume 1, Chapter 1): a review

I have started to read Elegant Objects (Volume 1) by Yegor Bugayenko after some colleagues have done the same, and started some interesting discussions about the ideas presented in the book. As I got curious, I got the book for myself to read, and wanted to express my own opinions about the discussed topics. I’m writing it as I read the book, and I will post them as a series of four posts (one per chapter of the book), and my opinion on things might change as I go, as I’m just human. And as I’m writing as I read the book, I might have some edits later on, or simply have some inconsistencies looking back, as I write about the next chapters. I’m using these posts as documentation for myself, and I hope it can help someone figure out whether they might want to buy the book for themselves, or give some food for thought and generate some discussion.

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