The internet

Since a few months I’ve been following up on StackOverflow’s newsletter. Which is mostly a short collection of interesting StackOverflow questions and links around the web.

I lost pace a bit and had to catch up to it this week. And a new cool blog reference there caught my eye and I spent quite some time on it. The blog in question is called Explained from First Principles, and the first post is about The Internet.

Jen, from The IT Crowd, holding The Internet

It’s a brilliant article, which starts on the basics of how the protocol works - with simple examples and references - explaining the different layers, how each of them works, and what are they responsible for. Going on to describe how the local networks work, and how it connects to the global network. It finishes up with a neat timeline of contributions that lead to the creation of the Internet, as well as some important things that have happened thereafter.

Check it out for yourself and see what you think about it.

Published September 11, 2020